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Welcome Sister Ana and Sister Liberija!

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This month, the Cardinal Stepinac Children’s Center welcomed two new volunteers in Haiti. Sister Ana and Sister Liberija, Servants of the Infant Jesus, have travelled over 5,000 miles from Sarajevo to join our volunteers and staff in Haiti.
The charisma of the servants of the infant Jesus is to serve abandoned children and elderly. The sisters have had the children of Haiti in their hearts and prayers for many years. In early 2013, they contacted Fr. Giordano Belanich after discovering Croatian Relief Services and learning of our work with the orphans of Haiti. After much discussion and prayerful consideration, the sisters decided to join forces with Croatian Relief Services to better provide for the children of the Cardinal Stepinac Children’s Home.
The sisters arrived on January 10, along with their mother Superior, Sister Admirata. Mother Superior is headed home to Sarajevo after seeing that Sr. Ana and Sr. Liberija are settled for their extended stay. The sisters have come for an indefinite period to offer their skills, hands, time, and hearts in service of our 45 children. Our volunteers and staff are overjoyed to have new, energized individuals to provide extra support for our mission. Though it will take some time for the sisters to learn Creole and adjust to the daily challenges of life in Haiti, God has blessed them with the strength and resiliency to embrace the challenging work ahead.
Croatian Relief Services and the Cardinal Stepinac Children’s Home are abundantly blessed by the service of Sisters Ana and Liberija. We ask you for your continued support and prayers for our children, the sisters, and all of our volunteers and staff in Haiti.
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The Boy with Angel Wings


Makenson_surgery 2 Makenson_surgery 1 

“We are in ICU for at least 24 hours the surgery went great and the doctors are already discussing the next surgery which will be the beginning of the scoliosis surgeries. Have a blessed weekend, Jama”. This was the message we got this morning from Mackenson’s second mom Jama. Mackenson had a chiari decompression causing the incorrect flow of his spinal fluid and his subsequent stunted growth. After inquiring further into a medical visa and medical help for Makenson, Jama knew she would be able to help Makenson. With much hope and patience, she was able to take him to the United States about 9 months ago, and the journey of greater health and strength began.

Here in Haiti, we had nothing much to offer Mack but our love, and that love grows within us every day, especially when we see how much progress he has made in such a short period of time. Mackenson has a new family now, but he will always be a part of our family, too. Today, he speaks English without an accent and has all of the toys for himself, he flies in planes and uses Skype and a phone to talk to us and everybody else.  He is growing further in another loving home. 
When I first met him in 2011, he couldn’t speak my language, I couldn’t speak his; however, love has a universal language which soon helped us communicate perfectly, through hugs and eyes. We talked a lot. I loved him to pieces because of his determination and courage to realize he was no less important or different than others because of his illness. 
 I always assumed Mackenson thought of himself as a boy with a hunchback, our little loving Quasimodo. There is a drawing in Jane’s room on the wall, I call it “Our Orange Boy with Angel Wings”. I always see that drawing, it’s of a boy with a clearly distorted body with the most beautiful angel wings. There is always something heartbreaking and desperate in that drawing, like an eagle in a chicken coop, not even knowing that he is an eagle. Today that drawing still hangs on Jane’s wall and it gives me both sadness and joy when I look at it. But in both cases when our eyes start to tear, he is always our dear child with angel wings. And even when his angel wings disappear one day for his own sake and when he will be beautiful and handsome young man, he will always be our loving child.


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