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Hear the story of Alexander

My name is Alexandro and I live in Haiti. I am only 6 years old and I lost my arm on January 12, 2010 at a horrible earthquake which took placein the town of Carfur, where I was living with my family. That evening, like every other day, after school, I was playing with my two brothers, Eronne and Elie as well as my dear cousin Maurice. My mom had a small store and we were playing in one of the rooms. My mom, Marlene Francois was a hard worker, the all of our family depend on her income. My grandma and grandpa my three aunts and my cousin with her husband, all lived in one house.

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Letter of Fr. Gio

Fr. Gio

Beloved helpers,

Each time, I receive your voluble donation for the poorest of the poor in Haiti I thank God for the blessings of having a friend like you.   With all the expenses and commitments we have in Haiti for our orphans and the hungry we need to come up with USD 20 thousands each month.  This is such a large amount to raise  each month for a small organization like us, especially in these days of recession when people do not have   much income. Continue reading Letter of Fr. Gio