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Alexis Francia, 6

With the terrible tragedy now in Haiti after a devastating 7.0 major earthquake hit the capital city of Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010, killing close to at least 120,000 people, wounding 250,000 and leaving million of families homeless.
Croatian Relief Services has stepped forward in faith and has made a contract in Haiti to open an orphanage for the destitute and hungry street children. The orphanage is called “Cardinal Stepinac Children Center of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.”

The complex will have a chicken, goat and sheep farm, all of which will help us to feed the hungry children, who will come to us to escape the danger of the street. The animals, as well as an on site vegetable garden, will help the orphanage become almost self sustaining. We will also provide a vocational school to train young boys and girls particular trades so that they can go on to support themselves as adults.
In orphanage temporarily we have 30 Children. The facilities could accommodate more children but unfortunately we don’t have the means to provide food and clothing for them, therefore we need your help. So we are starting the Godparent Program in our “Cardinal Stepinac Children Center – Haiti” to help the street children. The orphans of Haiti need us. They have nowhere else to turn and yet it is not enough to just feed and clothe them.
Godparent Program: what is it?
With a limited financial contribution, Godparent Program means giving a child or youth in particularly difficult conditions the possibility of growing up in our Orphanage in Haiti. It means food, medicines, schooling, a family, the love from far away persons who are concerned with his growth and to participate to his life, exchanging letters, drawings and experiences.
Godparent Program: how much does it cost?
Annual contribution for a Godparent Program costs $365 (one dollar a day) and can be paid yearly or for three or six months.

Since Croatian Relief was founded in 1991 many orphans and needy abandoned children have received supports from God-Parenthood-Program.  By choosing to support one child with one dollar a day you will provide food, shelter, medical care and education for your  God-Child.  You can correspond with a child and see his or her progress in the years to come.  You can also visit a child on our next missionary trip to Haiti.  We help earthquake orphans in Haiti along with homeless children,  poor families and people in need in order that they may gain. dignity by improving their living and educational condition.  We do this in partnership with people like you. With our humble means, we are addressing emergency and basic needs so that the few people with critical needs that we can help are fed and able to get on their feet again.  We teach the poor how to fish so that they can become self sufficient by using the local means. We provide food, shelter, clothing, clean water, money, educational training, medical, dental and psychological assistance. We also make sure that orphans and children are protected, and can go back to school.  The important thing is not how much we accomplish, but how much love we put to our deeds every day” Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say. We do what we can the best we can to help war orphans, homeless children, poor families, handicapped teenagers, tsunami survivors and refugees of all faiths at home and overseas. We are a growing family each year.

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