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Letter of Fr. Gio

Fr. Gio

Beloved helpers,

Each time, I receive your voluble donation for the poorest of the poor in Haiti I thank God for the blessings of having a friend like you.   With all the expenses and commitments we have in Haiti for our orphans and the hungry we need to come up with USD 20 thousands each month.  This is such a large amount to raise  each month for a small organization like us, especially in these days of recession when people do not have   much income.

You see, we are a small humanitarian organization. We are not a large organization such as Red Cross, UNICEF, Caritas, Food for the Poor or Catholic Relief Services. We are small but committed to do the same as they do on a much smaller using every cent and being conscious of the suffering people of Haiti, especially the little innocent one such as our orphans.

In order to run our orphanage, kitchen soup, feeding the hungry…etc. we need now USD 20 thousands each month  for these projects or we will disappoint so many who have been receiving constant help from us in the past.   We would have to close our orphanage which we have raised with much difficulty.  We would have to turn hungry people off from our doors, we would have to shut down our soup kitchen and many would go hungry to the point of starvation and the children would not have at least one meal a day in their school.   These expenses of which I am talking about do not include  the shipment of the containers in which we  have sent up to now.  These containers are loaded with clothing, rice and beans, toiletries, medicine, toys, school supply, and much more.  The price of a container to Haiti now has gone up to almost 6000 dollars.  It is expensive but when the container holds merchandise for the poor the value of  50 thousands or more then it pays to ship it.  For now we plan to stop shipment until   our  financial difficulties improve.

My deepest concern are the little ones  who are dying from hunger.  Each Thursday Fr. Rick goes to the morgue to   collect the bodies of little ones who die during the week and puts 2 or 3 little bodies in a plastic bag and then goes outside of Port-au-Prince to give them Christian burial along with the band which honors these innocent ones  who should never have died  of hunger or from  drinking dirty and contaminated water.  You may see this burial  which we have recorded on my last   trip to Haiti on our web site:  Each time I go to Haiti I make sure that I join Fr. Rick with this sad but true event of burying the children who did not have to die. Every time I participate to this funeral   I beg God to forgive us our selfishness and sins.  I also pray for the world which continues to ignore these little ones who do not have to die, especially they who live so close to our mainland.

Having said all of this, I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for your sacrificial donations in the past.   I know how  hard it is these days to share the bread with the poor but you did it with joy and we thank you so much.

We will continue to pray for you and your private intentions so that God may give you strength and health of  body, soul and spirit.  May He answer all of your needs and requests.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Giordano Belanich

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