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Hear the story of Alexander

My name is Alexandro and I live in Haiti. I am only 6 years old and I lost my arm on January 12, 2010 at a horrible earthquake which took placein the town of Carfur, where I was living with my family. That evening, like every other day, after school, I was playing with my two brothers, Eronne and Elie as well as my dear cousin Maurice. My mom had a small store and we were playing in one of the rooms. My mom, Marlene Francois was a hard worker, the all of our family depend on her income. My grandma and grandpa my three aunts and my cousin with her husband, all lived in one house.

As we were playing, I all the sudden heard an unusual noise and the cement blocs and the wall of the house began to fall. Everyone was screaming and running out of the house. All of the sudden I heard my mother calling for help, but I could not understand why I could not move from the spot where I was.

Four hours after this terrible noise and shake, Alexanders grandma recognized the voice of Alexandro who was berried in the rubble. “Please, take me out, I’ve cried. Help me!” “I am thirsty and afraid of the dark here, please, take me out!” I could not move, because of the big block which was over my arm. I could not understand why the block was there.

Then they started digging and by mid-night they got to me and I was freed. Later I found out that I was one of the many miracles that happen on that night as people were brought out from under the rubble.

I was brought to the hospital and few hours later they had to amputate my arm in order to save my life. I feel better now but I have no arm. There are now 12 members of my family who live under the plastic tarp and cardboard as you can see in the enclosed pictures.

My grandmother, Alfred is trying her best to feed all of us but it is not easy because now we have nothing and the house which you can see on the picture is not much of a house for 12 members of my family.

Because of this situation, I will not attend school this year. My grandma did not have any money last year so she did not pay our last years tuition and the school would not accept me back.


Alexandro is amazing child He is always smiling. I told him that we will do our best to find him an artificial arm and he started dancing. He wanted to come with me to our Cardinal Stepinac Center but we could not take him in. The story of Alexandro and his family is one of the million stories here in Haiti. There are many Alexandro’s, and street children without anyone living in Haiti. There are young and old, healthy and sick, who need your help. Croatian Relief Services, Inc. “The Apostolate of Mercy is taking one child at a time and we treat him or her as Jesus would. Now, we are doing what we can for Alexandro to see if we can make a difference in his life. We believe that you and God will do the rest.

Mrs. Raymonde Pun

You may send your donation for Alexandro and his family to:

Croatian Relief Services

Apostolate of Mercy

P.O. Box 355

Fairview, New Jersey 07022

Alexandro and his brother

Alexandro - Other view of destroyed house

Alexandro - View of New home

Alexandro - Mrs Alfred taking care of children

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