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Shoe-Box-Gift-Project is simple and it may involve children, young adults, and senior citizens. The project can be introduced to prayer groups, Catholic schools, C.C.D. programs, and Principals of any school. The Shoe-Box-Project can be done as a Confirmation of First Communion project.

Here is how it works. Each student or interested person is encouraged to make one or more shoe-boxes. A simple shoe-box or similar sized gift box can be used. A donor buys some school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, notebooks, candy bars, a t-shirt, tooth paste, toothbrush, non perishable food such as rice, beans etc.

All these items are placed in the shoe-box and the box can be wrapped with the gift wrapping paper. On the box, the donor may include in an additional envelope, a donation of $5.00 per box to help us with the shipping cost. (Do not put the envelope inside the wrapped shoe-box.) The donor may also write a simple letter to the receiving student telling he or she about him or herself. The wrapped box, once received, will be placed in the container and sent to the poor boys and girls of Haiti.



The children and orphans of Haiti are very poor and cannot afford to buy school supplies. As a result, many do not go to school. While the contents of the box may not be a big deal to an American student, it will be a big deal to an orphan child who is unable to buy basic school supplies. Just think what a shoe-box would mean to a child on Christmas morning!

Please encourage your students and children as well as other community members to make one child happy on Christmas morning. This project will be a blessing for both the receiving and sending individual. It is a unique way to teach children to share their love with others.

We encourage you to copy these flies and give them out. You may want to advertise on your local radio station and in your local newspaper. You may distribute these fliers after Church Services, or other gatherings or events, or to school principles, teachers, pastors, or C.C.D. directors in your area. If they wish, they may invite their students and other members of their parish to join us with this type of charity work. They may contact us at (201)945-4891.

May God bless you for reading this information and for helping us with the shoe-box project for Christmas!

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