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CROATIAN RELIEF SERVICES, a non profit humanitarian organization based in Fairview, NJ. It is run by Fr. Giordano Belanich. He started it up in 1992 to send aid to Croatia during the war. They sent food, clothing, medical supplies, furniture, and anything else that was needed. Now that things are stable back home, he has expanded the project to include other areas around the word in need. Lately, he has been focusing on Haiti. The organization was, and is in the process of buying a facility in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, to start up an orphanage. Considering the recent devastation, efforts have been shifted to a more immediate relief effort.

I urge you all to help in whatever small way you can. Back in October of ’09 I went down to Haiti with Fr. Gio, and even then, when things were calm, the state of the nation was very weak. There was minimal electricity, phone service, and plumbing, and the sanitation system was non existent. The Unemployment rate, in the best of times, hovers around 70%!!! I can only imagine the desperation that has now overtaken the country.


Donations of food and medical supplies can be dropped off at:
Croatian Relief Services
225 Anderson Ave.
Fairview, NJ 07022

Monetary Donations of cash, checks, or money order, can be mailed to:
Croatian Relief Services
P.O. Box 355
Fairview, NJ 07022

*Please do not mail to 225 Anderson Ave. Address.

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