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Croatian Relief Services has stepped forward in faith and has made a contract in Haiti to open an orphanage for the destitute and hungry street children. The orphanage will be called “Cardinal Stepinac Children Center of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.” We are currently short of the funds necessary to prepare the complex for the children’s arrival. It will require $400,000 to begin. The complex will have a chicken, goat and sheep farm, all of which will help us to feed the hungry children, who will come to us to escape the danger of the street. The animals, as well as an on site vegetable garden, will help the orphanage become self sustaining. We will also provide a vocational school to train young boys and girls particular trades so that they can go on to support themselves as adults.

At this time, Croatian Relief Services is asking those who can help us to lend us $1,000, interest free, for a period of one year. This means that you will receive your money at the end of the first year, interest free. The loan will be documented and signed by us and will be sent t you for you record. The loan will be put together for one year and we aim to have the orphanage ready in September. A new board has been formed in Haiti for the project. Why are we doing this? If you have access to the internet you may wish to watch the following documentary on one of many human tragedies in Haiti. To view, please click the following ling link:

The documentary of Fr. Rick should come on. (Your computer may need to be updated to watch this documentary.) The documentary of this human tragedy in Haiti is 50 minutes long. As you watch, remember that this is not a fiction… this is a reality! I have personally witnessed the horrific situation.

After you watch the documentary, please e-mail me your thoughts. My e-mail is Thank you and may God bless you! May He touch your heart as you watch this sad documentary of the suffering of the people of Haiti. Please, help us build the orphanage for the street kids in danger to save lives of these desperate children of Haiti. Send your generous tax-deductible gift today to:

Croatian Relief Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 355
Fairview, New Jersey 07022

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